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Photos 22. IFFI 2013

Here you will find the photos our festival photographer Jože Rehberger Ogrin takes during the 22nd International Film Festival Innsbruck.


Here you can find all posters from the last 20 years - starting with the America Filmfestival, through CineVision until the International Film Festival Innsbruck.

Otto Preminger Institut

23. Int. Film Festival Innsbruck: 27 May - 1 June 2014

Stories of Failure and Hope

The Opening MovieThis year’s IFFI is opened by the Friulian-Slovenian coproduction “Zoran-il nipote scemo” (Zoran, my crazy nephew), a comedy about the relationship between an uncle and his nephew that contains much truth about life and reveals that failure can sometimes contain something positive and can even bear hope, too.

100 Years of Indian Cinema
The film-historical emphasis of the 23rd International Film Festival Innsbruck is dedicated to the biggest filmmaking country in the world: India. Last year, India celebrated 100 years of cinema on the subcontinent. The first Indian movie was shown at the 3rd of May 1913 in Bombay and was the screen adaption of one episode of the Indian national epos “Mahabarata”. The IFFI shows one dozen films dealing with the history of the Indian cinema, as it came to be known to Europe. The most successful movie out of this range is “Pather Panchali” (1955) by the Bengali author and moviemaker Satyajit Ray. “Who doesn’t know about the cinema of Satyajit Ray”, writes the Japanese director Akira Kurosawa on the occasion of Ray’s death in 1992, “lives in a world which has neither a sun nor a moon.” The IFFI presents Indian movies of various regions, in different languages (of course shown with subtitles) and of various eras, too.

The IFFI Award
This year's IFFI award of honour is dedicated to Indian director Shaji N. Karun from Kerala, who will accept the prize personally. Shaji himself will present his latest movie “Swapaanam” (Voiding Sound) - a movie of drumming and dancing - which celebrates its European premier at the IFFI. The movie also partakes in the international competition and will run for the Award of the Province of Tyrol 2014 along with other movies from Pakistan, Cuba, Mexico, Burkina Faso and Kazakhstan. One of the jurors is the Italian director Edoardo Winspear, who presented his movie “In Grazia di Dio” at this year’s Berlinale.

The homage of this year's IFFI is devoted to the Turkish female director Yesim Ustaoglu. We look back at over 10 years of her movie making, in which she has dealt with the social reality in Turkey and the role of women in this highly traditional society. Her family drama “Pandora’s Box” (2008) won the main prize of the major Spanish film festival in San Sebastian.

IFFI ‘s stepping stone into cinema
Between the 27th of May and the 1st of June, the IFFI shows 40 movies from 20 different countries. Directors, with whom discussions are planned, personally present some of their movies, too. One contribution, which was directed by Tina Leisch, has an Austrian origin. In El Salvador, a small Central American country, Tina Leisch shot the portrait of its national poet: Roque Dalton.

IFFI Campus
Since the 22nd edition of the IFFI, the IFFI campus, which is designed for young movie talents and where invited directors pass on their experiences, takes place. As last year, the Tyrolean cinematographer Christian Berger is the star guest of the Campus. One thematic focus of the IFFI Campus 2014 is dedicated to film music and for this purpose the Viennese musician Sir Tralala, along with other musicians, shares his experiences as a film music composer and produces film music during the campus week.



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