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Photos 23. IFFI 2014

Hereyou can find the photos our festival photographer Jože Rehberger Ogrin took during the 23rd International Film Festival Innsbruck.


Here you can find all posters from the last 20 years - starting with the America Filmfestival, through CineVision until the International Film Festival Innsbruck.

Otto Preminger Institut

24. International Film Festival Innsbruck: 2 - 7 June 2015

We are proud to announce the winners of this year's competitions:

This year the Prize of the Province of Tyrol 2014 for the best international feature film goes to THE FIRST RAINS OF SPRING by Yerlan Nurmukhambetov. The jury, which consisted of Maren Niemeyer, Balufu Bakupa-Kanyinda and Edoardo Winspeare, justifies its decision as such: “The film has convinced the jury with its profound and rigorous narrative. The director has managed to tell a clear, simple story, which is not naive at any point , but allows us to enter into a sphere of humanity that is understood around the world . His filmic narrative spans all the topics that move us, the human and family togetherness in interaction with nature, the animals and traditional spirituality that holds everything together. Even if the threats of modernity lurk around every corner , even in the Kazakh steppe. Together with his great actors he achieves the most beautiful thing that true world cinema can do: enable the spectator to experience a very different and strange world as something familiar. Congratulations!" The prize amounts 5.000,- EURO.

This year’s Südwind Filmpreis also goes to THE FIRST RAINS OF SPRING. The jury, consisting of highschool students from Tyrol, chose this film because: “After due consideration – and thorough discussion – we, the student jury of the International Film Festival Innsbruck, have decided to award this years’ “Südwind Prize” to a film that manages to convey so much by using so little. The film combines elements of a road movie, a family story, a mythical tale and a story of love and death – and works both on an emotional and an intellectual level. Moreover, the landscape is not only a backdrop, but becomes essential in shaping the characters’ thoughts and actions. We were also convinced by the film’s humor and the subtle performances of the actors. And so we are very happy to present the Südwind-Award 2014 to Shinju Sano and Yerlan Nurmukhambetov and their outstanding film THE FIRST RAINS OF SPRING.”
The Südwind Filmpreis amounts to 1.000€.

The Audience Award of Innsbruck Marketing was this year decided by a group of interested people from the festival's ausdience and goes to SOLEILS by Dani Kouyaté. Their statement: "By majority decision, the Public Jury’s Prize goes to SOLEILS by Dani Kouyaté and Oliver Delhaye. The Jury agreed that the film’s portrayal of Africa and Europe’s history of slavery and apartheid, through the oral tradition of a griot, was directed with wisdom, sensitivity and humour, which took us on a beguiling journey through the epic events which have shaped and continue to influence Africa and Europe. The film’s combination of subtle and forthright symbolism also impressed the jury, as did the soundtrack."

This year’s documentary film award amounts to 1.500,- EURO and goes to GANGSTER OF LOVE by Nebojša Slijepčević. The jury’s justification: “In the last days, we were taken on a cinematic journey of discovery to distant worlds. Our heart got stuck with Gangster of Love, the portrait of the marriage broker Nedjeljko Babic in Croatia. The film succeeds in thwarting expectable, obvious clichés and to direct a sincerely interested, tender look on his protagonists. It never becomes denunciatory or cynical, but through close observation of a microcosm turns into a panorama of society. The dramatically successful installation gives space to the protagonists. The filmmaker introduces the matchmaker and his clients with respect and affection. Here, we were especially impressed by the true and credible attitude of the director Nebojša Slijepčević. The film is swimming against the current of today's television landscape."



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